Mtech's Mission

    The mission of the Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute (Mtech), a unit of the A. James Clark School of Engineering at the University of Maryland, is to:

    • Educate the next generation of technology entrepreneurs;
    • Create successful technology ventures; and
    • Connect Maryland companies with university resources to help them succeed.

    Mtech has built a comprehensive entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem at the University of Maryland. Its programs arm top students from around the world with the knowledge of how to successfully launch companies and guide aspiring and existing entrepreneurs through the entire lifecycle of launching and maintaining technology-based ventures.

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    ASPIRE is a grant program for undergraduate researchers working with Clark School faculty on projects with commercial potential

    Bioprocess Scale-Up Facility

    Founded in 1985, the Bioprocess Scale-Up Facility (BSF) is the Biotechnology Research and Education Program's modern bioprocessing laboratory dedicated to the development and scale-up of fermentation biotechnology products and processes, specifically bacteria and yeast. With over 1500 fermentations conducted since 1998, the BSF has accelerated the R&D of local biotechnology leaders such as MedImmune and Martek, and provided supplemental support for the research of various U.S. government agencies including  the Edgewood Chemical Biological Center, USDA, and NIH.

    Our capabilities include:

    • Fermentation
    • Separation
    • Purification
    • Product Analysis

    Who is it for?


    Companies looking to scale-up fermentation-based biotechnology products or processes


    Researchers looking for assistance developing biotechnology products or processes


    Faculty needing a facility for, or expertise in, biopharmaceutical research

    BSF's Advantages


    A unique facility in Maryland not restricted by current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) requirements.


    Production processes are directly transferable to partners operating under cGMPs (required for FDA-approved clinical trials), such as Paragon Bioservices and Advanced Bioscience Labs.


    100% of undergraduates employed by the BSF go on to work in the biotech industry following graduation.


    The BSF enables small manufacturing companies to offer extended capabilities to major pharmaceutical (Big Pharma) companies out-of-state.

    Companies and Labs Assisted by the BSF

    University of Maryland
    Center for Vaccine Development
    Animal Science
    Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics
    CIA University
    University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute
    University of Virginia
    Duke Medical
    Ain Shams University, Cairo
    The University of Trieste
    University of California, Irvine

    National Institutes of Health (NIH)
    National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
    Naval Research Laboratory
    U.S. Army, Edgewood Research Development and Engineering Center (ERDEC)
    U.S. Army, Walter Reed Research Institute
    United States Department of Agriculture, Beltsville, MD, Martinsburg, WV

    3-Dimension Pharmaceuticals
    Action Products, Inc. (Hagerstown)
    Advanced BioScience Laboratories, Inc. (Kensington)
    Advanced BioNutrition (Columbia)
    Athena Environmental Sciences Inc. (Baltimore)
    Atto Instruments, Inc. (Rockville)
    Brassica, Inc. (Baltimore)
    Becton Dickinson Microbiology Systems (Cockeysville)
    Bioscience Contract Production Corporation (Baltimore)
    Biosys Inc. (Columbia)Biospherics, Inc. (Beltsville)
    Biotechnology Research Labs, Inc. (Rockville)
    Cambrex (Walkersville)
    Cambrex (Baltimore)
    CarboMedCell Trends, Inc. (Middletown)
    Chesapeake Biologicals (Baltimore)
    Chesapeake PERL (Savage)
    Chitin Works, Inc. (Cambridge)
    Claragen, Inc. (College Park)
    Crop Genetics International, Inc. (Columbia)
    Digene Corporation (Gaithersburg)
    Dynagen, Inc.EntreMed, Inc. (Rockville)
    Environmental Elements, Inc. (Baltimore)
    Enzion, Inc.Gene Logic, Inc. (Rockville)
    Human Genome Sciences, Inc. (Rockville)
    ID BiomedicalIgen, Inc. (Rockville)
    Igene, Inc. (Columbia)
    Instrument Research Company, Inc. (Columbia)
    Innovative Biosensors (College Park)
    IOMAI (Gaithersburg)ISP Mineral Products, Inc. (Hagerstown)
    Kemp Biotechnologies, Inc. (Frederick)
    LifeTechnologies/BRL/Gibco, Inc. (Rockville)
    Magenta, Inc. (Baltimore)
    Martek Biosciences Corp. (Columbia)
    MedImmune, Inc. (Gaithersburg)
    Microbiological Associates (Rockville)
    Midland Reagent Company
    Molecular Oncology, Inc. (Gaithersburg)
    New Earth Sciences, Inc. (Cambridge)
    New York Blood Center
    Oceanix (Baltimore)
    Oncologix, Inc. (Rockville)
    OncoImmunin, Inc. (College Park)
    Oncor, Inc. (Gaithersburg)
    Organon Technica
    Orphan Medical
    Paragon Biotech, Inc. (Baltimore)
    PerImmune, Inc. (Rockville)
    Procter & Gamble (Baltimore)
    Proneuron Co. (Rockville)
    Proteinix, Inc. (Rockville)
    Prozyme, Inc.
    Puresyn, Inc
    Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)
    SRCHEM, Inc. (Elkridge)
    Ventenna Medical Systems (Gaithersburg)
    Wheaton Science


    Kevin Knapstein
    Manager, Bioprocess Scale-Up Facility
    Tel: (301) 314-7806

    Bioprocess Scale-Up Facility
    1203 Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Building
    4418 Stadium Drive
    College Park, MD 20742